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Team Tilth 2016! A Project of Urban Tilth

Run with Team Tilth at the Oakland Running Festival!

Each year Urban Tilth staff, friends and supporters join "Team Tilth" to run in support of Urban Tilth's mission of creating a more healthy, sustainable and just food system.

As a part of Team Tilth, runners can generate support for Urban Tilth's programs and are invited to participate in fun training meet-ups and brunches with staff, family, friends, and supporters. As a bonus, runners even receive some Urban Tilth race day swag!

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Support TEAM TILTH 2016

Oakland Running Festival

Sunday, March 20, 2016

*All races begin 7:30 am Sunday morning

Snow Park, Downtown Oakland

FOR MORE RACE DETAILS: Visit the Oakland Running Festival Website to Learn More about the Race:


NOT ABLE TO MAKE IT?: Scroll down to support a Team Tilth Runner, or make a tax-deductible donation to Urban Tilth on this page.


Urban Tilth is a Bay Area leader in organic urban agriculture, garden education programs, and food access initiatives. We train and employ local residents to become "home-grown experts" that work with community organizations, government agencies, schools, businesses, and individuals to develop the capacity for our community to produce 5% of our own food supply.

Looking forward to another beautiful run.

Thank you so much for your support,

The Urban Tilth family

Together We Can Make It Happen! Here's How:
Race fees & coordination $5,880
Donation to Urban Tilth $14,120
$21,500 Raised
107% towards $20,000 Goal

Supported by 439 Donations: